Wheel Alignment

A wheel alignment is a critical part of vehicle maintenance and is crucial to the efficient running of your automobile.

A wheel alignment (so not to be confused with wheel balancing), is the process where the whole vehicle is put on a machine with gauges mounted to the wheels, in order to ascertain the angles in the vehicles suspension and steering geometry. The angles are then adjusted within a set of parameters specific to that vehicle.

Benefits of a correctly aligned vehicle:
Even and consistent tyre wear, therefor greater tyre life
Predictable and enhanced handling and cornering
Less driver fatigue through not making constant steering correction
Lowered fuel consumption

In order to realise these benefits, a full and professional wheel alignment is recommended every 15,000-20,000 km. However a wheel alignment can be required sooner due to such things as impacts from road hazards (potholes, something off the back of a truck…), replacement of steering and suspension components or the fitment of new tyres.